A Successful Christian

Sometimes, we as Christians, fail to remember that we are not done with Jesus once we have reached salvation. While we cannot lose our salvation, we can do things that we could classify as being “unsuccessful” in our walk with Christ. So let’s take a look at a few things it takes to have a more fruitful, or “successful,” walk with Him. 

You Have To Be Saved

We know to be a Christian, you have to know Christ first! You have to be saved! What are you saved from?                          

You are saved from sin. (2 Cor. 5:17)

You are saved from judgment. (Rom. 8:1)

You are saved from Hell. (John 3:16)

You Have To Seperate From Certain Things

Once you have accepted Christ as your savior, there are something you should no longer associate yourself with. What are some?

The World. (1John 2:15-17)

Sinful Friends. (2 Cor. 6:17)

Sinful Things. (Heb. 12:14)

Be Willing To Sacrifice

I could go on and on about sacrificing time, money even yourself but Luke 14:33 pretty well takes care of everything when it says ALL that you have. So I’ll save you the read.

You Have To Surrender

Surrender what? Obviously this kind of goes with the previous heading but sacrifice and surrender I believe are two different things. So here are a few.

Your mind. (Phil. 2:5) 

Your body. (Rom. 12:1-2)

Your life. (1Cor. 6:19)

So as you can see, being a Christian doesn’t end at finding Salvation. As the term Christian literally means “Christ-like.” There are most certainly ways to be more successful and please the Lord and further His kingdom. As is there are ways to be unsuccessful, and hinder the furtherance of His Kingdom. Luckily God left us an instruction manual called the Bible that teaches us just how to have a “successful” walk with Him.

This is my first blog to publish, please excuse any typos, format errors, or anything else that isn’t up to par. I promise to do all I can to get better at this! Thank you and God bless.


18 thoughts on “A Successful Christian

  1. I say good first post, Cody. I like the bullet Scripture references a lot. Very simply and straight forward, and covers a lot of territory without sooooooooooooo many words. I think you will be fine in the blog world.

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  2. Reblogged this on Truth in Palmyra and commented:

    This is a first post from a new blogger that I just had to share. This is from Cody, my step son, who recently started pastoring his first church. What you see here is basically the outline from his most recent sermon. Great post concept I think. Comment closed here; blessings and enjoy!


  3. You did a pretty good job, Cody, for it being your first. I would suggest you go back and reread before hitting the “publish” button. That way you’ll be able to make corrections. I agree with Wally, to the point without “soooooooo many words.”

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    1. Thank you! Very helpful tip! Only problem is, I have only been in this house about 3 months. It’s the parsonage of the church and I haven’t gotten around to get Wi-Fi yet. So I’ve done it on my phone rather than my laptop.

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  4. Welcome, Cody, and congratulations on your recent call as a servant of the Word on the Lord’s church!

    Since you asked 🙂 I have one little piece of advice for you…not really about your post – it’s a fine post! – but rather a pointer for your sermons, if I may…

    Your outline for this sermon is rather *Christian-centric* – that is, it is centres upon what the Christian ought to do, how he should live, etc. – which is a good Word for us, but not really the heart of what a Christian sermon is all about. The heart of the sermon is, and always should be, *Christ* and what He has done for us. For as the apostle Paul pointed out, “We preach Christ, and Him crucified.”

    I am saying this as a parishioner, as one who comes to hear the Word each week – it’s what I NEED to hear! Christ Himself is at the heart and centre of my Christian walk, not me, so it is the Christ that I need to hear about over and over, lest my sinful self take over and make it all about “me”.

    So that is my advice to you. Preach Christ crucified – not as an add-on or an afterthought – but as the content and substance of your sermons, and you’ll do fine ☺️

    God’s blessings to you, Cody!

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    1. I can follow that. But can I just say, that Christ IS in the center of this message, all over it really. These are Christ’s teachings. Jesus gave us instruction on how to live our lives. This is hitting just a few of those teachings. But thank you for the comment! I’m glad you stopped by!

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  5. Great first post! If I may point out one thing it would be this: In 2 Corinthians 6 I don’t believe this is talking about separating oneself completely from friends that are sinners, but rather separating ones actions as in how one lives. Separating from sin itself. As in Matt 9:9-13,Matt 11:16-19,Luke5:27-32,Luke 7:31-35,Luke 7:36-50,Luke 15:1-2,Luke 19:1-10; Jesus himself was known as a friend to sinners, in that he ate and sat with them, and even resided in their homes to the frustration and ire of the pharisees,in order to save them. Mark 2:17- I came not to call the righteous,but sinners to repentance. You might not have meant it that way, but I just wanted to clarify. My room mate is a sinner, but that doesn’t stop me from being their room mate. By living my life for Christ in front of them, I’m praying it leads them to Jesus. And I see it working more and more every day. I’ve heard Christians say that we shouldn’t mingle with those in sin like that. But my belief is that’s exactly the point. We can mingle with them yet still be separate as in not partaking in sin itself. Any way, that’s my ramble. Good job and may the Lord bless you in your ministry 🙂

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    1. That is how I meant it! You’re right I could have clarified that for sure! I’m a sinner too! All of us are! That’s the beauty of God. But how I meant it, as you said, was we don’t have to partake in the sinful acts with them! Thank you for the comment!

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